Sunday, 3 November 2013

Beetroot burgers


we bring you today a vegetarian recipe, with a really typical Finnish style, beetroot burgers. We have done many experiments about vegetarian burgers, we have tried Jamie Oliver 15 min meals vegetarian burgers, we have tried the burgers from and in the end...we have picked an idea from here an there as to make our own recipe.


  • 2-3 beetroots
  • a can of kidney beans (aprox 200gr dried weight)
  • 4-5 marinated garlic with olive oil
  • half small onion
  • 100 gr feta cheese
  • parsley
  • tsp whole grain mustard


Peel, clean and grate the beetroot with a fine grater. Put in the blender the beans, the onion, parsley, the whole grain mustard and add a bit of salt and pepper, blend it as to achieve an homogeneous mix.

Mix it with the grated beetroot and and add the feta cheese which you will mince with your fingers. Stir it and it is ready.

Now the moment to get dirty!
With the proportions given above, you will get four nice hamburgers. Before putting them into the pan with a bit of olive oil, we have sprinkle a bit of flour, not to get sticked, but it is not mandatory. 
Fry them 5 min each side and place them into a tray as to put into the oven at 220°C for 10 minutes. That will get the outside crispy and the inner part cooked!

Then it is just matter of building your desired hamburger!! in the pictures I use a whole wheat bun with lettuce, red pepper, pickles, cheese and mustard, it was delicious!!

hope you try this recipe and if you have your own version we would love to hear it!

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