Friday, 6 December 2013

Sopa castellana (garlic soup)

Winter, is time for heavy warm meals, and soups are in the top of the list. Today I decided to post about one really traditional Spanish dish, if a top 5 typical Spanish food was to be made, sopa castellana would be there (and no, paella wouldn´t not even be in top 10.

So what is sopa castellana? a humble, cheap ingredients, surviving meal for many, many generations throughout the last centuries (yes so old). The main ingredients were; old, hardened bread, garlic and couple of eggs, and if the family was lucky, a bit of pork in the form of chorizo or jamon. This soup, was the main caloric intake for the day.
Today, such hard times are over, but Spanish people keep on eating this humble dish, not because of some sort of past heritage but for the amazing flavors. 


  • Garlic
  • half tbsp Pimentón dulce (Spanish paprika powder)
  • 2 eggs
  • olive oil
  • half baguette
  • 0,6L vegetable or meat broth
  • Optional: some chorizo or jamon and parsley


I used a baguette because it is easy to find, ideally you would use a thick, dense bread.

Serving for 2
In a casserole, cover the bottom with olive oil and add fine chopped garlic and laurel leaf. The amount of garlic for this dish has to be substantial, for me (garlic addict speaking) this starts around a large head, but up to you.
I just found this video, it is always nice to see new tricks to make cooking easier and faster, it works, I tried!!

When the garlic starts to get golden, pull the casserole out of the heat and add the half tbsp of pimentón dulce. 

Stir quickly, you don´t want to burn the pimentón and add the bread sliced. Mix thoroughly, trying that the bread soaks all the flavors.
Add the broth and mix for couple of minutes in medium fire. Let it cook for 5 minutes.

Add two full eggs and the chopped parsley. Leave it for couple of minutes so the eggs cook a bit.

Hope you like it!
Mr South

By the way, in the pics I added 1L of broth, but I like it a bit thicker, that´s why in the recipe I suggested 0,6L would be enough.

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