Thursday, 3 October 2013

Super fast rasbperry chessecake!

We have updated the blog layout and updated the camera, we did use our mobile phones, a lumia 900 and a samsung galaxy S3 mini, which cameras are ok. But from now on we will use a Canon 1100D.
As to give it a try, we did a super easy 5 min dessert, here are the ingredients:

- liquid cream 2dl
- spoon of mascarpone or philadelphia cream cheese
- 1tbsp of maple syrup
- berries (we used raspberries)
- digestive cookies

Whip the cream as it is ready, add the mascarpone and the maple syrup and whip it again.
Put the cookies in a tray, or as we did into a nice wooden table, and add the mixture and top with the berries. For decoration you can use honey or sugar powder. That's it!!

By the way, sharing a thought...why everything taste better with raspberries?!

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