Tuesday, 1 October 2013


We love beans!! they are so forgotten always and underrated but you have an amazing varieties and ways to cook it. We are going to show how to cook, the big beans, the ones which need to be let overnight in water, easy recipe, it is slow cooking, but you can do meanwhile whatever you want, just check every 30min everything goes as planned and you end up with an amazing food.

So which are this beans we pick today? in Spain they are called judion, fabes, judia de la granja depending which region of Spain you buy them. This beans are big (almost 2 cm long, white and flat).

We followed the package instructions, leaving them soaking in cold water for 10-12 h.

Before and after, you have to remove the water and put them to pot to boil, with some salt, pepper, laurel, and then few vegetables, we had carrot and onions. Of course you can add which ever vegetable you find, they will taste better. Of course the more the better. 
Following the package instructions once they start boiling, add little bit of cold water, to break the boiling, do it three times. This is believed to avoid the peel to detach from the bean.

The package said to boil for 1,5h, but try it, we had to boil it for a bit longer.

For the sauce it is really basic, fry a bit of onion and garlic

Once the beans are ready, throw the water away, but save a bit for the sauce, take apart the vegetables too. Once the onion and garlic is getting done, add some roasted red pepper, if you have it fresh or canned, both are awesome. Just let it fry for couple of minutes because the red peppers are cooked already, and add little bit of flour, like a flat spoon.

Cook the flour for few minutes, otherwise the sauce will taste like flour. With the vegetables you can put it to the blender with some parsley and little bit of tomato pure.

Add everything, the sauce, the beans and little bit of the water from the boiling the beans

Let them cook for 5 - 10 min and enjoy it!

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