Thursday, 19 September 2013


Here one of my prefered meals; lentils!!

Normally beans are so diverese, so many kinds, can be cooked in so many different ways that I don't think anyone has tasted all. The problem with the beans, if you don't want to buy them from a can, which some of them are really good for salads or for vege burgers, etc is that they need to be in water overnight or cook for hours.

The recipe is quite easy and fast, you don't need to put the lentils with water overnight or cook them for hours. The type of lentils I like best it is called the brown/spanish pardina.
This type of lentils is, as you can see, brown but smaller than usual, which I find much more tastefull and after cooking doesn't break and holds it's shape. I belive you can find them anywhere, I've seen them outside Spain, in Finland you can find them easy at Arabic/Asian supermarkets.

So let's get started with the ingredients:
- Lentils (pardina type)
- Vegetables (onions, carrots, garlic, red pepper, zucchini, etc)
- If you want to make a non vegetarian version you can add some pork ribs, chopped, and the absolute best is if you have some jamon iberico bone piece
- Vegetables broth cube
- Rice

So, the receipt is easy and prety straight forward; chop the vegetables in chunky pieces and put them to saute with little bit olive oil salt and pepper with the bay laurel.

Once the onion are little bit brownish add the lentils and the water. Keep in mind that lentils will double or even triple the volume, add the broth cube, and let them boil easy for 30 min.

You might have to add more water by time to time, keep in mind to add salt too. The lentils are recomended to be cooked for 1 hour, so know when they are half done, add couple of handfull of rice, and few nails of garlic.

By 45 min, 1h will be ready. Always with this kind of "stews" taste better the day after. Hope you like it!

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