Sunday, 15 September 2013

Finnish pride - salmon!

Good morning!

Today I'm going to show you how to make very typical Finnish food, salmon! Salmon is here in Finland quite cheap and very very delicious. You can buy it as whole, raw, cold smoked, hot smoked, salted, spiced etc... This one here is basic raw filet. 

So, this dinner included carrot, potatoes, onion and dill (under the salmon), salmon filet and as a side dish some zucchini with feta cheese. 

First we boiled couple of potatoes with couple of carrots (all peeled), when they were ready we fried them with some chopped onion (1-2) and some garlic (there's not a food where you can't use garlic!). After frying the veggies they are soft and done, just add some salt and black pepper and whatever spices you like. 

The side dish was made in the oven. We made some very thin zucchini "filets" with a traditional Finnish cheese cutter. Then put them in the oven in 200 C with garlic, good olive oil and salt on top, until they look crispy and done - don't burn them! Zucchini here is rolled around itself and there's good quality feta on top.

Then the best part, fish! Salmon doesn't need much spices, its normal taste is so delicious. Normally we put salt and black pepper, sometimes dill and chopped garlic. Fry salmon filet on a hot pan, couple of minutes per side. Salmon is quite oily fish (it's healthy!) but just in case, put a drop of olive oil on the pan first. Here we go! This meal is very easy, quite fast and soooo delicious! Hyvää ruokahalua!

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