Sunday, 15 September 2013

Banana-quark crepes

Here's another Finnish recipe, banana quark pancakes! Actually they are more like crepes not traditional pancakes. If you feel for something sweet but also healthy, this is for you! Quark has lots of protein and this recipe includes only a bit of flour.

Ingredients we used today:

2 eggs
250 grams fat free quark
2 dl organic flour
0,5 dl sugar
a tea spoon vanilla sugar
a tea spoon salt
half tea spoon cardamom powder
1 banana
~3 dl fat free milk
On top:
Canadian maple syrup
home made blueberry jam

First mix eggs, spices and quark together, then add flour and milk until the dough is liquid enough. Then smash a banana with a fork and mix all together.
We added even more milk after the dough looking like this
Fry small crepes on a pan, don't make them too big since it's hard to turn them around. Quark and banana makes them broken quite easily so be gentle! These crepes have very different texture than normal pancakes/flour crepes because of the unusual ingredients.

Enjoy banana quark crepes with whipped cream, jam, sugar etc you prefer! We had tonight blueberry jam and maple syrup. Some weeks ago we picked the blueberries near home in a national park and made jam, maybe we make another post about that later!

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